France Long Stay Visa and Permanent Residency

Obtaining France residence permit through financial means is another service of the professional team of Propacific Immigration Inc. company that helps the applicants to get Europe residence permit in the shortest time (3 to 4 months).

Every year, many people try to get one of the Schengen visa types, including tourist and study visas, and through this, travel temporarily to famous and prestigious countries of the Schengen area such as Germany, France, Spain and The Netherlands.

In this program, you will first be issued a one-year type D visa (residency permit of the first year) through the Embassy of France in Iran, which your residency will legally be registered upon your arrival in France and providing medical tests at the French Immigration Office (OFII).

If you have sufficient budget and financial means in Iran and you would like to travel to the Schengen countries freely by receiving France permanent residency and enjoy the benefits of residency in this beautiful and cultural country, contact our consultants.

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