About Us

We at Pro Pacific Immigrations offer immigrations services and assist you and your family make a smooth and comfortable move into Canada. The services we offer entail, amongst other things, preparing your application (which can be difficult and in which one mistake can result in months of delays) monitor your application throughout the review process to assure there are no issues, represent you in court (if need be), assist you with your move into Canada as well as many other services as needed for your specific case.

Our consultants are highly educated and motivated to serve you. They have been through the tedious process of immigrating and moving into Canada themselves and through this experience have learned what is required in this sometimes-difficult process. This invaluable experience makes them the best qualified people to represent and help you immigrate to Canada.

Pro Pacific consultants are all certified CSIC (Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants) members, have bachelor degrees and have the most current knowledge in immigration laws. We are constantly upgrading and taking courses to make sure that we are aware of any new laws that might be passed that will affect your application.

We provide a global service to help people from all over the world immigrate to Canada. Our focus and specialty are the Middle East and have offices or contacts in Iran and Dubai, please contact us for locations so we can best serve your needs.

We at Pro Pacific strongly believe that in the 21st century people should be able to live the life they want, in the country they want, with the freedom they want and deserve. Canada is a country that provides opportunity and a standard of living that is unprecedented.  Contact us so we can show you the best that you can have.

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