Dominica is a small island in the Caribbean Sea on the vast continent of America. The country covers an area of only 750 square kilometers and according to the latest official census conducted in the country in 2011, its population reaches 71,293 people. It is known as the natural island of the Caribbean Sea and its average age is very low. Dominica is a country in the East side of the Caribbean Sea that has been a member of the Commonwealth since 1978 and has had the closest political and diplomatic ties with Britain ever since.

The official population of this country, whose official language is English, is of African descent, and that is why the French language is also very popular in this country. It was originally a French colony but became a British colony in 1805 as, many volunteers fought for Britain in Europe during World War I, but on November 3, 1978, Dominica gained its independency and Patrick John became the first Prime Minister of the Dominican Republic.

Dominica has launched an investment citizenship program since 1993 that allows individuals and their families to enjoy the benefits of Dominica citizenship in exchange for contributing to the country’s future and economy.